More sea!   -   a live water!!  


Even ones evenly I have as correctly at my new family acclimatized, there I note as her and also he hectically everything do so jerkily and pack together! Whether we our stocks elsewhere shift??  Do we have perhaps a winter   and a summer domicile?   Even my food is exactly measured and packed up, with my food dish!!

Such a hectic I did not experience ever, there must place crosswise in the stairway, put nevertheless in the middle into the way , so that they do not forget me also!   As those are as headless!!   Frequently we have done “treks like nomads”, in open air museums with old houses, cows, horses, sheep also even goats and all possible poultry which I anyway never may nudge with my nose, and in the mountains - there I should go moving then with them with -   mostly we have us then established somewhere, where it pleased me and controls the environment together. Nee,   so an unusual tendency I  ever did not experience with both.

On the next morning they are very early risen as the first birds even times practiced singing !

I have it nevertheless equivalent known that they are no longer normal!! And I am to go along there??   Well, before nevertheless to forget me I go along.

After many hours we arrived finite. Of many keep lying in the car, I was already quite rigid. Well occasionally times we gone walk in an area which I at all did not know. All reminded me to the day as I  from her once fetched to watch out for her over in the future -  those do not become nevertheless probably??  
We went into a house with all the suit-cases and my food.  Everything smelled quite differently. And it was always windy, everything in addition, really everything moved!!  
Only times put, look at and think!!   At home it was more beautifully.   For what that??
She has me the village - my new district shown and afterwards we all slept only times a round.

Ugh?   Already again in the car? Well, fast, after a few minutes I was allowed to went already again to  step out. And then??

Then was IT there! First the smell quite strongly, which was situated here everywhere in air. And a quite strange noise! I, yes I saw it first.       -   water!!      Very much water!! so far I can to look, everywhere.

There did I have to rush, immediately this time I could also rush and they have no times “bleiib” or more “hiier” or also  “Maxxx!!!” called.

Look at only times. It lives!!   Every time I want to nudge it or to sniff, it leaves. Help, it comes to me. I branch back into air, finally I want not to become wet and laterally to the soil, in addition, water comes there.

She says to me:   “Look times that is fine! Sea, sea, sea”, and goes into the water.  
(at their understanding I have frequently doubted). A bit I go along. There water is for drinking, and I have thirst also. At least I must not die with thirst here.  
But every time I want to drink it leave it. Nevertheless not now I must probably still to go into the water to drink??
I give myself much trouble and drink quite fast, because the sea even is there!!! Ugh !!!    
What is that??    That is disgusting, it is salty and species also in it!  
I must examine those directly times.   Washed   -   the water comes back. I branch on the page, into air and then I see it:  
The soil moves under me!! When the water leaves, it carries sand forward, stones, everything. And into air branch are with me one evade immediately.  
And then the two laugh also still!!

That is too much, they are mad probably?? Now I am insulted however and put myself exactly at the edge, which she calls heave. There I must think only times more about and the amusing water only quite   exactly observe.

What is I here??? Vacation at the sea, so an insolence, with me? where I climb nevertheless so gladly and slopes down-rushes. And snow it had here also none? only wind and water,    and because I go swimming already so gladly!!!  
I am to watch out probably   - meanwhile the two are in the water - for its things, so which boring.

And I already hear as he say to her:   “ I had you directly said with such a water-shy to the sea, there never get accustomed to”    Indeed!! there he is right, I imagined.  
In addition, he never went into the water. It was too cold in September. But she had absolutely always in the water runs      well   if those that can, I   can also!  
Thus I always ran along with her at the water, in the sea. There were many shells and stones, jelly-fishes and cancers. Quite merrily so a cancer must I nevertheless absolutely times nudge and in the jelly-fishes, if they are in the sand can one roll.

Ugh! Then call the two. Everything which makes fun is “ Ugh” with the two. Also the precious faeces of the dyke sheep!!    Those have   no notion!

The sand is beautiful, very much sand to rolls and digs, and if she is then there comfortably I digs always exactly under her, then she sinks and must look herself a new workstation up   -  and I take their.

I found a friend also, a Bullmastiff she say. Me no matter, anyhow me that is exact quite and we rushes over the stone castles and dunes. If him becomes too much and I presses him too much he always goes  of his despair into the amusing water, which her calls sea, which one cannot drink all times.   IN ADDITION  is thus use!!  
I want to play however further with him. He believes probably that he can hide himself before me in the sea?   Thus I show him that it helps also nothing if he goes into the water: I nozzle with him inside and directly thereafter we rush over the beach and roll in the sand.   A fantastic play!!

She is at the dyke and says to owner of Bullmastiff: do not trust my eyes, Maxe up to the neck in the sea, and not a camera thereby, probably I never do not see that again?

Those probably believed that I have fear of the alive water??

Not at all badly such a sea, much more alternation than in former times with my brothers and sisters at home? Or not?



There are you astonished - which?
got out of the bath and not at all wet!!
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