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Naturally she did have me   - hardly that I had drawn in with the two? prove which for a fantastic alpha partner she is for me.

Already in the puppy kindergarten she wanted that I make so amusing exercises. Over jacks and wooden structures run, through  a tunnel creep and jump into a crate with balls. By cloths and through people come if they me call!! 
Such a child stuff! Clearly have I then always so looked at her as if I that would never understand and already she has shown me everything before-made.
How merry, same have I show her that I that anyway better can!!
Only the exercise with that if they call me to come she could simply show for me never so correct before-make, therefore I must think also ever more about whether I am to show their that - as well I can do that.

And then? the exercise with “by the foot” to go!!     And in the middle of my dog friends.
And therefore I should rise on Sunday always soo early??  Not times I got breakfast!
At the start I am still the Schmackofatzis clean-fell, she always held me before the nose and gave me completely very much trouble.   And she was pleased enormous.
As long as to I noticed that she always showed with me the alphas of my friends like one it to make is. She led the education course and with me!!

Nee! - once count me in with however but equivalent three times???

With me not!!   their Schmackofatzi can give her to the others,   and means ball can she also keep!!
Hey, now rushes Mia my ball afterwards! A fantastic play? my ball runs with Mia!!
What alike should I still make?? Workstation and remain?? Actually my dearest exercise (I am situated gladly and observe everything)   -   up - like lightning and afterwards!
Why she then is always so sour I cannot however at all understand.
Finally she has nevertheless times understood which me makes fun: very briefly which learn and:   much, much play with   all the others.   And occasionally I accept already times a Schmackofatzi. 

As I was even 14 weeks she nevertheless smooth meant I must which quite fantastic of their learning. And we went out already two into nature - I should learn that track searches. SHE -wanted to learn ME as one with the nose operates! Laughter detention - where she has nevertheless no correct nose!
Despite that I had to tighten a track table-ware have however made me much fun if she said  “Search” then I has me powerfully clean-hung into this work.

And fun made that for me -   SHE showed nevertheless me like I can find everything that me interested!!
Hey,   there was a horse, which I must long!   Best I this track up completely prepared, never gave up - until had found it to stop at the horse stable.
Why didn't she praise there me? Otherwise she was pleased nevertheless also always enormous!
Unfortunate that we go looking no more tracks up now.

And how badly does she have herself employed with the exercise - More haste, less speed? finally I have always only to look whether there which comes interesting - if she calls me. Why otherwise am I to probably come to her??

Exactly? there a dog barks. There I must – whole absolutely!!

And I am to tighten a chest table-ware now?? how I look out thereby? How Chinese, the Chow? let whole I that still accepted and   even forget.
My error! me fixed a giant hand at one time keeps at my thorax, straight as I means friends on the play meadow hear to bark!! 
Try still times? nothing, the same again. It becomes nevertheless not? 
No quite indifferently is she there. Such a easy exercise:  indifferently to stand there I can also!! 
After long time she gives it up and calls me “Komm”
There you are she now understood? I rush to her, my liberty is to me about everything? and already I may run on the meadow.
Stupidly only that my friends all had already home!!

Gee !  Which I heard him a daily to her to say there? “Forget it, with one like that is the course cash eliminated nevertheless” - on the way have I it experienced that she announced with me to a Lind-type course itself.
There she wanted finally to learn like she can me to motivate to do that which she wants!!
Times sees, what now is? and already I was allowed to watch like she in drying exercises the request for play with me should to learn.

Looks mad!   And so I am to play now with her?? Where there are nevertheless here so many new, interesting people. Only I must examine those times, which for which are!!
Meanwhile she made again her drying exercises for requests for play and then she squeaks with a mouse and rattled and rattled and at the conclusion to have all laughed, because I marked in the meantime only times my new territory.

Three weeks she had used that she was totally discouraged! The course must have been quite beautifully expensive,   and I have heard like the course chief to her said “ I believe you have there with yours a dominance problem? 

I believe that was too much for her, now finally she gave up. She has understood that I already comes if she wants – nevertheless only if I everything completed, which I wanted!

Sometimes does she become in addition, correctly sourly, I always feels quite exactly and then? then I come immediately, or stop or do otherwise which her in such a way want.
Recently does she have to him said “ I believes that I must learn that my threshold of sensation sinks with him, then he hears to me”

And already she had which learned from me:   Patience and understanding and unfortunately also consequence, she became so correctly stubborn, but she is no more  hectic.

Finally still another Tibetan nature in the family, which understands me!   Quite beautifully successfully, my education attempts, I´ll mean!

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