Beauty   -   an dominant factor aunt

Despite that my aunt Alice was only so short with me together, I remember her always. With Alice together over stick and stone, holes dig. Alice showed me much, also which for a fantastic toy tufts of grass are. Why only my boss is always so sour if I then a few bundles in the garden plucks I cannot however at all understand!
Thus I was then for a long time alone with the boss and the man in the house. A daily I could do more it times to listen as she with my breeder at the telephone about me talked: “Of him it would be already better, if the small one were somewhat older? “

Ugh? What is that? I am probably again a new friend be given? 
And already we drove off and my former family visited. Such a meanness, I had to remain nevertheless actual there sitting after a short walk in the car!
Then she came, and had my new friend thereby. Quite excited I was there! Times to watch like those probably is?

That is not nevertheless probably their serious!   Calculated those? The Tibet Spaniel aunt?? That may not be true nevertheless probably, the dominant factor aunt which me as I still was a small puppy always the ears pulled long  around me to show which I may and which not.
Which I am with the dwarf! Probably believe that they reinforcement need?
Equivalent in the first evening aunt Beauty me wanted to feed nevertheless smoothly my food and at all my whole Schmackofatzis!!  With much interest I all this quite calmly observed.
Clearly that I decided that this aunt must be first times correctly educated only!
Not at all so easily because Beauty is nevertheless almost three years older than I. And I am to teach now to the aunt like a correctly Tibetan nature to behave have?
Exactly there - she has fully lost with that!

Comes nevertheless smoothly rushed like lightning if my boss calls, in order a Schmackofatzi to only fetch. At all the aunt for food makes so quite everything!

But perhaps I can play quite correctly fantastic with the small one?   Thought - Done! Already I have made my most beautiful neck setting right and the aunt from the rear completely, gentle with the paw dabbed.
Hey went off however the party there - so mean was the aunt there!!   Wanted me nevertheless smoothly into the barriers to point, from because of individual distance and so!

I however nevertheless did not give up.   SUPER WOMAN - so correctly malicious!
There she have me nevertheless smoothly ignored, quite beautifully insulted I was about there, if one ignores someone here then nevertheless probably I? Or?

Already have I made the education problems in sequence to concern oneself.
Only I had to worry about the eating habits of the aunt, finally want I further in peace more to think about whether I now even to rise and went to my dinner something to eat, or not. I does not determined rush like Beauty to my food dish! And males make those beside the boss if the food mixture. Nee,   not with me!!
Thus I have crept behind Beauty as she even busily with her food was there  times made my stretching exercises.

Ho? there she became however bad!!    Yes. Controversies I does not want at all with that, therefore I put behind Beauty and her food-cup and both so correctly dominant fixed.   The aunt already trusted to eat no longer further and appeared me a tooth and always finally went to my food!!
Those has probably thought the more intelligent one gives way, there over there is even more for priming in it! Pitch had, immediately I let to be the aunt its food and tried the same out with Beauty and my food cup. Promptly functioned!
Fantastic like fast the small one learns, in the meantime she goes if I strictly looks at the aunt from and already makes the one far distance around my food and I can meanwhile in the living room still relax.

Quite Tibetan the aunt walks now to her cup or is situated meanwhile in rooms beside me and thinks more about after whether one for rising now is around a little thing to eat.

, I mean not badly such a education.

Super the woman, if would not tear always immediately to the boss because only of a Schmackofatzi! thus I always placed myself into their way. That did not itch the aunt however at all and tore those easily around me!
Already have I exactly then begun with the dominant factors aunt to play, are the attacks of the small ones elegantly evaded and directly was forgotten the call of the boss!

Where do we come there, if one would react immediately to such calls? In the meantime our boss calls again twice or three times, until Beauty saunters comfortably beside me to the boss.

And recently I could hear nevertheless smoothly like my boss at the telephone my breeder told “I am believe from the nature of the small one is a   “Mini - Do Khyi”. Funny which  ? Quite beautifully fruitfully my education attempts!

Yes and to play and neck does the dominant factor aunt in the meantime also with me. I dive then always behind her ago and throw myself over more over her and equivalent times on the back.
Why all, which watch however at all always continue air can I do not to understand!   Everything only camouflage   -   already the small one hangs on mean lips and growls diverted thereby. Not badly such a small friend   !

my friend Gomtu, 12 months old more correctly related from Beauty - which probably looks up there?   Tartar?? a fantastic diver!! the small one must even still at the long leash nozzles. Finally it must still "remains " and " Hiiier " practicing!!

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