Hip - dysplasia (HD) with the Do Khyi


Shurely it has given the Hip - dysplasia determined always with the dog, even with the ancestor of the dogs, the wolf determined HD already had itself, although in rare cases.
Also today still much discussed whether HD now acquired or be left can.
The hereditary course is still unclear, yet one can assume that it concerns a complex, polygenetic hereditary course, and thus is this illness in the maturing of the hip joint pan only heavily with breeding programs to get into hit.
As is the case for all dog races hipdysplasia seems also with the Do Khyi. In the meantime each breed animal is examined for this illness and it only one breed permission granted with HD A (free), HD B (nearly normal) and HD C (easy HD).
Also when being present a middle HD a Do Khyi, differently than other dog races, will be able to run for a long time without complaints due to its straight back, its well subordinated bending and a good muscled body.
Even when being present a hereditary load the development of a HD illness can to be affected quite also by the raising and attitude conditions.

At fastly growth, heavy dog races like the Do Khyi is to be put a large attention in particular on the conscious raising in the reference to nutrition and movement. After the Do Khyi needs up to 4 years to complete straight here largest attention is necessary around in particular its bone strength and the structure of skeleton.

Tipps to the raising

Important here always it is that the Do Khyi puppy and young dog in its weight is not strained. Not chubby, but muscular should be a Do Khyi. Finally we operate no dogfeed! Before this background a purposeful, natural movement is appropriately very important to the age on natural underground. The puppy should not be kept permanent slippery underground (tiles, parquet). In the case of doubt laying out carpet runners in the dwelling is recommended. Do Khyi puppies are temperbundles and show nevertheless tiredness. For this reason it is to be paid attention regulated play times and to it that the dog does not make excessive demands of themselves or is not made excessive demands of. All fatigue symptoms show up in soft ribbons and point to a large danger of injury
The Do Khyi, also at the age of 12 months is not a suitable dog for bicycle or joggingtours. Moving routes on quite fastidious area are not however under any circumstances detrimental to its skeleton health in this age. Climb with ascending and descending just as little. We should avoid excessive jump training nevertheless with him.
Too much indulgence however is likewise detrimental to its developing as a healthy dog, above all after it seems to be certain that the severity levels of HD can often lie in a disproportion from muscle growth to the skeleton growth.

A responsible breeder of the race is endeavors to limit the hereditary component to the HD during its plans for breeding if possible. This can it however only if as much as possible meaningful HD evaluations over the parents animals and their brothers and sisters to the inspection be present.

It can occur quite that the breed dog healthy hip joints has, whose brothers and sisters, parents or their brothers and sisters however all exhibit an arrangement to the HD. This hereditary component must admits to be around it to consider. For this reason is it unfortunate the fact that many owners are anyway never used by dogs " to the breed or issued ", their dogs never X-ray or however with a good or bad picture of the hip never to an evaluating place passes the evaluation on. To limit made by this omission it the breeder often very heavily to confine its breed selection in the purchase to breed healthy hips.

Ruth Reheuser 07/2001

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