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 Finally tiredly, relaxation
   always largely written

  Maxe, 9 weeks
Unnoticed me none comes
to the cup!

here I am 4 months
  with 6 months on that
  Dog play meadow
  Search for Action!!
7 months - cherry time, dog steam turbine and gas turbine systems
un term are appropriate for tree all day long...
completely my taste

My friend tiger and I
Sea, wind and alive
Water!   who is to come?

Maxe 9 months
  Babysitter   Alice 10 years
  and I with 8 weeks
  always she watched out well
  for me
  Eight given that me of none
  only one hair is curved. only her
  Workstation on the couch was
Portrait Maxe, here I am 7 months
and daily to grow
 that is   " my Life"
  Siesta with 12 monthsthat
Stretching nozzles belongs to
Fitness program
Max one with 13 months


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