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 if is not My " Family"
....I watch out, of my small friend,

 may steal always its gloves !!!

Maxe exactly 2 years

Photo-sessions outside are many more beautiful !!!
there I can always observe and watch ALL
.....who is satisfies to be  ?  I AM ??

my second birthday

  a little dirt at the antinode bulge ?
....harmed still no correct Do Khyi had !


Ugh - wich Santa Claus of everything brings in such a way !
...a new toy, a girl !!

Maxe & Nala, Chrismas 2000
Correctly frustration the aunt,
 -  ignores me so simply!!
Maxes correct aunt, Nala  5 years

Everything lost?
....more or a new family won ?

Maxes aunt Nala also Bayantira Bhadra
Whether one still detects me ?
....  am I Maxe, only a little grown 
Clearly my thick head must have to be seen!!

Maxe 01/2001 arise??

No, the aunt - not times for snuggling allowed with her. 
-  correct affected the small one !

a nice girl - or ?
everything only camouflage - she had protects teeth!!!

Maxe 26 month & aunt Nala

 My nerves how long should we still keep here quiet - only because my boss
 with the technique is on war ??
to read the newspaper??
Nö ! - times to look whether the sheeps wich remaining left.

Maxe & Beauty 01/2001

 Unusually - liberty !
 Nala with" the free course practise"
Are arisen ?? - Not at else, as Do Khyi I remain more forever young !!
Hey helps you nothing - Nala come play !!!

Later you find more....... ....if I was a little bit stronger !


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