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Lhotse von Tanggula Shan My father ! - quite beautifully watchful - or ?
Lhotse von Tanggula Shan a genuine Swizerman
actually with German fell in love !!!

Lhotse 7 years  September 98
A international dear relationship - Queeny my nut was once in Swizerland, already it transmitted between the two !!
Alimony had to be paid however none  :-))

Bayantira Along (Queeny) 2 years
Bayantira Along

Tendrel Sangpo Che po "Maxe"

and I am - Maxe is the result of this dear history !
the two had fallen in love immediately !!  




Tendrel Sangpo Che po "Maxe"  8 weeks


Tendrel Sangpo Che po "Maxe" Lhotse von Tanggula Shan
a headshot of me .......... ( 2 years) ....a headshot of my father Lhotse (7 years)
 -  he cannot deny me - or ???
Tendrel Sangpo Che po 16 Monate

Luan He Du Domaines des Alizes

There I nevertheless actually a quite hot bride met, on 6. november 2000

wich is called met - it visited me and which leaked out for class a smell it, immediately I liked her .....and she liked me !!

Luan He Du Domaines des Alizes (5 years)

So correctly dear I had the girl - genuinly !! Afterwards I did not yield no more of her side and she helped me simply again off with my work and.... then it strikes simply so off on the next morning !!! 
Even my hidden Schmackofatzis was allowed it to eat.

HUCH, which it is - whether I must pay alimony now ? and Luans children in the age of 4 weeks, a gang of temper !

My temper, how one hears - the poor Luan !

4 Wochen alt

Gawa Miu?

Ugh - is who - Gawa Miu?
those see all so directly in type,

there I nevertheless smoothly the
name forgot !

G-litter, 4 weeks

Hey - lots of small Maxes and Luans - in front left is Gup and like always in the sleep is Ge sar quite in front !

G-litter, 4 weeks
G-Wurf BUCNOVASKA 4 Wochen


 Look that´s Ga sha the girl when learn walking
- Tssss I also times in such a way be !!

Ga sha,  4 weeks
....and that is Ge sar, Ha - he has nevertheless smoothly from me...... 
to read the newspaper !!

Ge sar 6 weeks


 Good education - or ?
 first " photo session " for a bag of fleas !

Gup /Ganden Tipa /Ga sha /Gar po /Gawa Miu
                                    Ge sar

4 weeks

Ha - Gup " practices " already times a fixing,
......whether the Gawa Miu means ?
exactly show it the dominant factor aunt !!

Gup, 4 weeks
BUCNOVASKA GAR PO Gar po a powerful " grey one " is to become that times !!!

Gar po,  6 weeks
Ga sha, the small one.....if those probably times get the critical view of my aunt Nala ???

Ga sha, 4 weeks
Is which ? - O ever - a genuine daugther of Maxe!

Gawa Miu, 6 weeks
There it must only times thinking about !!!
......typically Tibetan nature

Ge sar,  6 weeks
BUCNOVASKA GANDEN TIPA mad neck - back - line ? Ganden Tipa in typical
Do Khyi - position

Ganden Tipa,  6 weeks
A " Wuschelbärli " - Ce sar, 6 weeks BUCNOVASKA GE SAR
BUCNOVASKA GUP Dreaming ? - everything on camouflage !!!!

Gup - the second Maxe ?, 6 weeks
Ga sha, a correct Luan daugther ?
just as I like those, the girls..... not so impudently how Gawa Miu !  

Ga Sha,  6 weeks


Which right Do Khyi is it........
stand by and does look, is whether one already suspects that a donkey puts with in it there ???

Ge sar, 6 weeks
Look times, which there is - watchfully is situated in the blood !!
Curiosity to the end of life !

Ganden Tipa,  6 weeks
Later you find more....... ....if we grew again !


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