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Now had I thus arrived - in my new family except this woman and aunt Alice lived there still,   a man ! Hardly arrived I had to look at myself only times my new home and then I wanted after the long travel only one:   Sleep!!
On the next morning I heard like the man to my new boss said:
” He is not normal, that has a mistake - and only because I does not wailing at the first night after my brothers and sisters, but slept quite calmly beside her bed to seven o clock early” Amusing family!!

Always after the meal I brought into the garden and once each day went we outside into the world, she wanted to show me all my future districts.   Wow, are many!!
For the reason I could also prove that I am already room clean. Not once occurred a mishap.
And then? -   property I notices that there is in the house still another space where the two always goes for marking, with floor drain   -   as practical!
Well well, I can do that also:   a daily has her him in demand why he water into the floor drain pours, because it is there always wet   starting from this moment was the door of bathroom constantly closed.   Strange household, the two do not go nevertheless also into the garden!

Each day in my future districts we meet many different doggies.   Those will nevertheless probably not belong all to the family??
No matter, with everyone I want to play - only amusingly that aunt Alice does not want to let the mostly interesting young Rambo and some girls to me. My new boss then always says that Alice watches out well for me.

Quite surprised is she however, because I run ago not always only behind her, but everywhere rushes, where there which interesting new is for me.
Ha ! there she nevertheless actually means if she then goes away and calls me that I run after her!   Where would I come there if I directly would fall on such things ?
Anyhow she understood fast that she must fetch me always beautifully. Sometimes her in addition, she sends Alice, with aunt Alice I goes along already rather!

A daily comes she with a long, fixed tape her leash calls and fastens it at my collar.   Well no matter, then I draw the thing evenly also. As she holds me however to her I become sour !
So which I do not leave to be offered!! Their “Schmackofatzi” can eat herself and not lure she leaves I only quite!!   Unbelievably! For two days that can be done now already in such a way   , finally she runs along to stop at this leash with me.
Suddenly she insists however on the fact that I run along at this leash with her ! It is all the same to me and if she holds a chicken in front of me before the nose! I do not want that!! I become sourly, correctly furious. But their that is no matter, she fastens the leash at her belt and continues simply!
After two days I, the more intelligent one give way evenly and run along to stop with her.

Also do not badly, because we go off there each day into the city, on the market and
into the youth farm.   There are chickens there and hares, sheep and goats, and pigs!   Also horses, geese and many children.   Fantastic, all I may to sniff and also times nudge and lick off, only with all play and afterwards run may I not.
All children want to stroke me, actually nothing for me. Always all want to touch me, where I nevertheless gladly decide whom I mean affection give and whom not.
But if the children are beautifully dear, then pet I also correctly with them. If then they give me flowers or a stick (some make), I carry those even around.

Actually no bad exchange so far (if I ignore times the amusing exercises in the puppy play hour). my brothers and sisters against all the new adventures -   or?

Still more adventures?
... mean.. from me and friends?

Only times of my first
Experiences rest!!  ...... relaxed!!

...... who comes white which there still everything?

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