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In the year 1966 the king of Nepal was unconsciously responsible for the fact that the Do Khyi was protected extermination.

Its airplane had been chartered around four American trekker with Lukla to take up at the foot of the Mount Everest. By the refusal its airplane to use, forced he the trekker at the 12,000 foot runway lain highly over night to kampieren. One of the four Americans was I.

In this evening a further American, Donald Messerschmidt, a former peace corps friedenskorps-Freiwilliger was just as stranded in Nepal, Don informed at the American school in Kathmandu. This night on the mountain talked we, Don and I, over the DO Khyi and the reasons for its threatened future in Nepal and Tibet.

These dogs were already rarely - so rare that one could find them exclusive in remote villages on distant mountains. We knew which around the dangers the few survivors opposite dog stood.

After the Chinese assumption Tibets 1959 were closed the borders between Tibet and the remaining world, not one dog could be kept direct more from Tibet.

We had heard rumors that the Chinese had destroyed deliberately all Tibetan dogs Additionally many hirten of the mountains from the aminal husbandry changed to the cultivation of rice in the low country and needed the large dogs no longer. Finally new roads opened, in former times most remote ranges of Nepal. Dealers and tourists would bring other dogs in, which would mix themselves with the few, remaining DO Khyi

We were surprised which, as much to be done would have around this legendary and very special animal extinction to protect. We knew that, if we should undertake no positive steps now into a few years no pure DO Khyi more would exist.

Tonja, Do Khyi bitch in England * 02/1933
The picture also today still certification for the type of the original Do Khyi from the origin country Tibet

through the Second World War all traces went these dogs, as well as the breed at that time lost.

Many years before, before I went to 1966 to Nepal had I a photography of Tonja seen. The classical photography was shown by a Do Khyi, in most dog books. I had fallen in love with the dog in the illustration and dreamed about it a daily DO a Khyi in reality to see. This to carry out to see one seemed an impossible dream to be, after Tonja's father and nut/mother were brought to years from Tibet into the late 1920-er to England. I did not expect that any of it existed still.

Later in Nepal, Tibetan friends said to me that Tonja came apparently in their type the DO Khyi in their homeland next, as far as they remembered. It became my ideal for the genuine DO Khyi.

How does one begin to fulfill the search around itself a dream, born at the night on a lonely, high mountain in the Himalaya? I wrote everyone from which I meant it could able be me to help. I sought out each leading person and wrote large quantities of letters. I followed everyone that me to my dream to lead could.

It needed to save more than two decades of the birth of my desire around to the legendary DO Khyi.

Before twenty years I felt that I a holy promise, which DO Khyi for the people Tibets had given to receive. I wanted to guarantee that humans Tibets if it once their independence from China to recover, their historical awake dogs would regain, in order to lead both together, if they finally return to their homeland.

Jumla´s Kalu of Jumla, "Kalu"
owner: Ann Rohrer

Founder and master father of the "Langtang" line
which today over  Yidam Akbar & Amban
to find in almost any geneological table in Europe is, likewise in each Pedigree in America !

I have myself frequently in demand whether I my strong interest and my devotion for the DO Khyi would have maintained, would have I from the difficulties known on which I during the introduction of a new race in the United States would push. I have however no doubts if I these beautiful animals regard.

My luck was to be known as one first their intelligent and singular personality I think of all the marvelous people which I because of these dogs met. There are many friends those means dream divided, whose unrestricted support during are enough, lean years as it seemed we would be the none to secure in the interest of these excellent mountain dogs of the Himalaya.

Our life enriched by the Do Khyi which we to have met and know. My goal was to be waked it an interest in this legendary race. Now there are engaged breeders in the United States and Europe, which breed healthy dogs of good type and temper. It was worth the whole efforts.

Of us to call or breed lucky enough this bezaubernden dog its own, from the people Tibets received a gift. For centuries and estimated they nourished their DO Khyi. Now this legacy is to be retained at us.

Ann Rohrer, from " The legendary Guardian OF Himalaya, the Tibet Mastiff " 1989

Ann Rohrer died in this year at the age of 85 years

Translation into German without guarantee, Ruth deer user 12/2000

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