Castration as solution?

From the book of Pyrenees shepherd dogs


Another summit is climbed, if eternal know-it-alls with a nature-left dog want to decorate themselves, without the task to have grown at all: In the herd protection dog scene, which is controlled nowadays unfortunately of a small minority loud neck, which does not have notion from breed, over breeders generally and VDH breeder and VDH in the special talks badly in principle and those above all at the line must hold a original herd protection dog from Asia, at best still the one mixes from different asiatic herd protection dog races, in this scene is considered as the means of the choice, if the dog becomes the agony, the castration. Also in respectable publications such as Sims/Dawydiak and also Strand (it seems to be an American mania) the castration and/or sterilization is in principle recommended, among other things also with the argument, it can come then not to the formation of tumors in this range. Apart from it that the opposite is not to be proven no more after sterilization and the Prophet has thus always quite, it is not always guaranteed the absorption of a dominat dog by sterilization. Guaranteed is only a lucrative profit for the castrating veterinary surgeon, without which he will do not in view of this consumer behavior.

I think nothing at all from the solution of the problem. Who wants to own itself a natural dog, which is to respect the nature of the dog completely. Who has its dog only in the " hand " (consistent hand in the velvet glove), if the dog is sterilized, the confession of its educational inability and supplies a wrong choice of race.

Now is it indeed like that that e.g. the asiatic herd protection dog races, as also the tables 1 and 2 show in addition, the Castro Laboreiro e.g.. a clearly lower threshold of sensation have than the Pyrenees mountain dog (and evenso the Do Khyi). It is to be asked then whether e.g. these dogs did not remain better, where they can settle their tasks in their biotope exzellent, instead of bringing them into our civilization, in which them are not fully utilized in principle and problems cause, which are then charged the dog holding generally

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