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Click me with the mouse, and I become larger!!
Here am I already 15 months and become still larger or only stronger?
meanwhile I become gradual
DO Khyi - or??

Maxe here 17 months

All green, and in a few days!!
Snow rather was me. 
It is to trees rises, sometimes however
I would peel also gladly trees off!
  - always when raving with my friends.

A view says more than words!
- in addition, I can look bored
and still better - bored run, always then if must
go home !!
Zero Problemo! 
My friend Dandy - a Hovi 5 years old. Almost my back-up dad.
I was not ever in Tibet - its Alpha
already whether my also creates???
Hey, there looks its which I for a mad white
Chest mark has!! In Tibet one says that these DO Khyi
particularly courageous and fearless are!
Main thing white tail point otherwise I did not become
as " hare foot " are considered!
May!!! And 30 degrees!!
There I am only one shadow of mine in addition,
so which bears right DO a Khyi

.. ... leaves itself simple with Julie in the shadow,
everything bear!!
Huch....there have I nevertheless smoothly those 
" white woman"
met and then those wants to probably give me their stick??

Maxe 18 Mon. with white 
" Golden Retriever" 
It plays with me!!
    the spirit of my dreams!!
At the summit - " the holy mountain " that Frankish people, there I would know my home myself!
From above, all small one observe for hours!! 
Created, of the ascent
... my Life!  
My castle!
who that only monks one says
a Tibbie as hot-water bottle have?

Maxe 19 Mon, Siesta with Beauty
Che po - guards of the Tibetan temple,
Maxe in Huettenberg/Kaernten for the celebration of the peoples 2000
Homeland - you have me again!
in Kaernten was the hills however more highly
and the houses lonelier, a dream thus for Maxe

Maxe, 20 Mon.
What already again?
... step out in this August heat!
Photo session in the palace garden!!
..... Uff, quiet seats - there has me smoothly to the lease put...

Siesta at my birth place!!
everyone of us comes some times here back.
to Mum Queeny (over the heading grew it already correctly!!) and the Tibet Spaniel aunts.
There are you astonished - which?
Who has the 1 1/2 hours with the photographer
behind itself, creates each nature test
Now I am 20 months old and then so which!! - for those I however not easy made. Only cats photograph are just as heavy, have them said.....
The aunt with the photo!!
Hey – that´s my Life! already   again times at the sea!
Vacation hoar frost of photographing

Nix such as wind, water and times sun,
no buddy there to play - 
Time for thinking.....
... and for views of nature!!
Fun it is nevertheless.
I find new friends everywhere!!


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